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Locker application solution of industrial all-in-one pc with RFID reader


Latest company news about Locker application solution of industrial all-in-one pc with RFID reader

With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the combination of industrial all-in-one pc and RFID readers has been widely used in various industries. In the field of lockers, this solution provides an innovative solution for storage management and security. This article will focus on the application of industrial all-in-one machines in lockers.


An industrial all-in-one computer is a special-purpose computing device that integrates computing power, a display screen, input and output interfaces, and other functions. Its robustness, stability, and reliability make it ideal for locker applications. With RFID readers, the industrial all-in-one machine can realize an intelligent locker management system, providing efficient access control and management of items.


In lockers, the combination of an all-in-one computer and an RFID reader can bring several advantages. First of all, by using RFID tags, users can easily perform identity verification and item identification without using traditional keys or combination locks. This contactless authentication method improves convenience and security and reduces the risk of lost items.


Secondly, the industrial all-in-one machine can be connected to the background management system to realize real-time data synchronization and tracking. Administrators can monitor the usage, idle status, and item return of lockers through the industrial all-in-one computer. This real-time data feedback and management function improves the utilization and efficiency of the lockers and reduces the workload of manual management.


The industrial all-in-one machine can also be integrated with other devices, such as cameras, sensors, etc., to enhance the security of the locker. For example, monitoring locker areas with cameras can record access and provide video evidence. Sensors can detect intrusions or anomalies and trigger alarms to notify administrators. These features increase the security and monitoring capabilities of the locker.


To choose a suitable industrial all-in-one machine, the following points are worth considering:

Ruggedness and protection level: Since lockers are usually used in harsh environments, industrial all-in-one machines should have sufficient dustproof, waterproof, and impact-resistant capabilities. Choose a product with a high degree of protection and a durable case.


Touch screen and display: Consider the touch screen and display characteristics of the industrial all-in-one machine. They should be high resolution, responsive and durable to provide a good user experience and reliable operability.


Interface and expansion capabilities: ensure that the industrial all-in-one machine has sufficient interfaces and expansion capabilities to adapt to different locker configuration requirements. Common interfaces include USB, serial ports, Ethernet, etc., which can easily connect cameras, sensors, and other external devices.

latest company news about Locker application solution of industrial all-in-one pc with RFID reader  0

  • Front baffle aluminum alloy brushed metal process, seamless design, front panel IP65 waterproof and dustproof.
  • Industrial LCD panel, wide viewing angle, Gonit, true color.
  • Adopt a multi-point PCAP touch panel, covered with 2mm tempered glass, anti-vandalism.
  • High-performance motherboard, 7x24 hours of continuous work.
  • Support wall-mounted installation, desktop bracket, and embedded installation.
  • 2 COM RS232, RS422/RS485 optional.
  • Built-in dual frequency RFID 13.56 Mhz Mifare and 125 Khz EM.

To sum up, the locker application scheme of the industrial all-in-one pc and RFID reader provides intelligent storage management and security control. When choosing the right industrial all-in-one, you need to consider its ruggedness, processing power, storage capacity, touchscreen, and display features, interface and expansion capabilities, network connectivity and communication capabilities, as well as supplier reliability and technical support. Through reasonable selection and application, the industrial all-in-one machine and RFID reader will bring a more efficient, intelligent, and safe management experience to the locker.

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