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Shenzhen Shinho Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a leading provider of visual and interactive application solutions. We specialize in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Touchscreen Monitors and Panel PCs. Through many years of accumulation , our products and services extended gradually from initial industrial automation to commercial smart terminals, intelligent devices, human-machine interface etc.Our main products include lcd touchscreen monitor , open frame lcd monitor , ...
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Aluminum Alloy 1280*1024 300cd/m2 Rugged Industrial Panel PCs Video

Aluminum Alloy 1280*1024 300cd/m2 Rugged Industrial Panel PCs

Product Name:Standard-Bearing Line Industrial Panel PCs


Material:Aluminum Alloy

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12 Inch Wide Screen Industrial Touch Panel Computer / Embedded Panel PC 4G Module Video

12 Inch Wide Screen Industrial Touch Panel Computer / Embedded Panel PC 4G Module

Size:12 Inch

CPU:Intel® Celeron J1900, 2.0GHz, Quad Core, Fanless


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17 Inch Industrial Touch Panel PC High Precision 5 Wires Resistive Touch IP65 Video

17 Inch Industrial Touch Panel PC High Precision 5 Wires Resistive Touch IP65

Product Name:17 Inch Customized Panel Pc

Type:Panel Pc

Products Status:Stock

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Fully Sealed High Brightness Monitor 1500 Nits IP67 LCD Monitor With AV HDMI Dimmer

Product Name:IP67 Waterproof LCD Monitor


Aspect Ratio:16:10

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2021-11-26 12:02:20
Hello Amy, yesterday they have finally released the panel PCs from the customs, and today they arrived at our office. They are great! I think that they will be perfect for the project! Thank you very much for the great work!
2021-11-26 12:02:08
We have used a majority of the units and everything is going perfect until now. Could you please quote price and delivery for an additional 300 pcs 12 inch PC in the same Configuration as the last order?
2021-11-26 12:06:15
장착의 용의성을 위한 브라켓 포함있어서 설치가 매우 쉬웠습니다. 기능도 만족합니다.
2021-11-26 12:06:17
excellent packaging and product is exactly according specifications.
2021-11-26 12:05:09
Touchscreen arrived in perfect condition. It was packaged well, and although custom, was shipped on-time and delivered quickly. Amanda is a fantastic saleswoman, and helped tremendously throughout the order process. I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of the touchscreen. We will be doing more business in the near future.
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What are the ways to install the touch monitor?
What are the ways to install the touch monitor?
There are several ways to install a touch monitor, and the best method will depend on the specific requirements and constraints of the installation environment. Here are some common ways to install touch monitors:   Desktop stand: A desktop stand is a simple and convenient way to install a touch monitor on a desk or tabletop. The stand can be adjustable or fixed and can be used with monitors of different sizes. embedded mounting: embedded mounting is a way to install a touch monitor in a device or system where the monitor is integrated into the design and not meant to be removed. Pole mount: A pole mount is a flexible option that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the touch monitor. It can be mounted on a single pole or a double pole, depending on the size and weight of the monitor. VESA mount: Many touch monitors come with a VESA mount that is compatible with standard VESA mounting brackets. This allows the monitor to be mounted on various surfaces, including walls, poles, and desks. Open frame mount: An open frame mount is used when the touch monitor needs to be integrated into a kiosk, enclosure, or other custom application. The monitor is mounted on a metal frame or bracket that is secured to the enclosure. When installing a touch monitor, it is important to ensure that the mounting method is secure and stable, and that the monitor is positioned at an appropriate height and angle for the intended use.
How to choose an industrial touch monitor in bright outdoor?
How to choose an industrial touch monitor in bright outdoor?
The required nits of brightness for touch monitors used in outdoor environments can vary depending on the specific application and conditions. Generally, a minimum of 1000 nits is recommended for touch monitors used in bright outdoor environments with direct sunlight. For especially bright conditions or applications, may be higher levels of brightness to ensure visibility. In addition to brightness, it is important to consider factors such as durability, heat dissipation, and anti-reflection capabilities when selecting a touch monitor for outdoor. A ruggedized design with protection against water, dust, and shock is important for outdoor use in rainy conditions, while efficient heat dissipation is necessary to prevent overheating in hot environments. Anti-reflection capabilities are also important for touch monitors used in outdoor environments. This can be achieved through specialized coatings or treatments that reduce glare and increase visibility in bright light conditions.
What is Optical Bonding?
What is Optical Bonding?
What is optical bonding? In all TFT LCDs, there is an air gap between the TFT panel and the cover glass. In high brightness displays, the air gap will cause repeated refraction of the monitor, and fog will also form in an environment with large temperature differences. Optical bonding is a layer of resin is applied between the glass or touchscreen and the TFT LCD to bond, them together to form a strong laminate without gaps.   Which industries are most suitable for optical bonding? Optical bonding is very popular in the military, marine, and medical industries. Due to the harsh environment, higher performance displays are required. When applied to equipment running outdoors or in strong sunlight environments, the optical bonding process is particularly suitable and more effective. What are the benefits of optical bonding? The normal display is produced by the light of the LCD reflecting through the gap and then to the outer glass of the screen. This reflection through the layer will weaken the strength and clarity of the final image, thereby reducing brightness and readability. Through optical bonding technology, we can be reduced internal reflections to provide better contrast, and interference and light reflection can be eliminated. More light gets through to the surface of the screen and therefore the image is brighter.
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