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Low-power PCs Panel Series


Latest company news about Low-power PCs Panel Series

Industrial pc panel used for harsh control and visual tasks

The low-power tablet computer series will provide the tenth-generation Intel Bayan processor J4125/J6412. These processors provide high-power computing and graphics performance at low power consumption. The solid tablets use an all-metal shell. Its visible area is made of tempered glass. It is scratched and seamless. It can reach the IP65 waterproof level and is easy to clean. Provide high-definition/full high-definition resolution LCD screen display visualization. If it is applied outdoors, you can also choose a display with an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint surface. The screen needs to be customized according to volume), and it is easy to read even under high-brightness lighting conditions. This is the best prerequisite for human-computer interaction operations.

The low-power tablet computer series is equipped with the sixth generation of Intel Saisyan J4125/J6412 processors. In addition to the two display ports and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the integrated tablets also have four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and two COM ports. Equipped with 64GB of fast NVMe SSD for storage, you can also integrate fast wireless connections of WIFI and Bluetooth.

With their closed fan-free metal shell and sturdy system design, compact tablets can achieve longer service life and high system availability even in the harsh industrial environment, which has been proven thousands of times in the industry. The human-machine interface (HMI) has a built-in version and can also be used as a device to use the VESA installation arm attachment, so it can be easily integrated into various industrial environments.
The tablet can be converted into an intuitive web panel, which can be easily configured and maintained.

The display screen with IP65 protection grade is easy to clean and reflects. It can be cleaned up with dust and oil stains on the surface of the glass and the surface of the diagonal shell. Projected capacitors can also wear gloves to operate with gloves and detect drops to ensure safe operation.

Customized solutions can be implemented quickly and economically. From the display of display, computing performance, and the flexibility of memory expansion, to the touch settings, I/O adjustment, the security reinforcement of BIOS and operating systems, software installation, personalized software, personalized software, personalized software, software installation, personalization Brand, customized services and maintenance kits and special packaging.

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