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SIHOVISION - Professional customized industrial computer


Latest company news about SIHOVISION - Professional customized industrial computer

Custom industrial PCs usually involve customizing hardware and software according to specific needs and requirements. This may include the selection of specific processors, memory, input/output interfaces, operating system, and other additional features and expansion options. Customized industrial PCs may also need to consider special environmental conditions, such as high-temperature resistance, dust and water resistance, and shock resistance.


In order to customize an industrial PC, manufacturers typically need the following capabilities:


Technical expertise: Know an Industrial PC's hardware and software components, as well as their features and compatibility. Possess skills in system integration and configuration, and can select and assemble appropriate components according to customer needs.


Design and Engineering Capabilities: Capable of designing and engineering according to the specific needs of customers, including customized chassis, cooling systems, interface boards, and other necessary customized components.


Partner and Supply Chain Management: Establish partnerships with the right suppliers and partners to ensure access to required special components and custom parts. At the same time, manage the supply chain to ensure timely delivery and quality control.


Testing and Quality Control: Strict testing and quality control procedures are carried out to ensure that the performance, reliability, and stability of customized industrial PCs meet customer requirements.

Our technicians will guide you in choosing a processor board for size, cooling, ruggedness, individual fit, usability, longevity, and more. With our many years of experience and primarily through talking to you, we find the ideal industrial PC solution for your application.


Which type of industrial computer is best for your needs? Tablet, industrial monitor, or (fanless) box mini PC? What factors need to be considered for your specific application? What are the possible solutions? To what extent is customization necessary? Clarify the basic application requirements, and then customize and optimize your equipment for your company.

Save time and avoid risks
From installing custom software to pre-testing and pre-loading, and custom images,...the customization possibilities are endless. However, making the necessary adjustments yourself can take a lot of valuable time or involve a lot of risk. Too often we see customers start tuning industrial PCs themselves, but end up not getting it right or with enough knowledge to successfully resolve the issue. This is why it is best to leave the customization of industrial PCs to professional manufacturers. They offer solutions that perfectly meet your needs and do so as efficiently as possible.


Therefore, although anyone can sell industrial PCs, customizing industrial PCs requires higher technical capabilities and resources, so not every company has these capabilities. Typically, such customization is done by a dedicated industrial PC supplier or system integrator who has the experience and expertise to meet the customer's specific needs.

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