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What is Optical Bonding?


Latest company news about What is Optical Bonding?

What is optical bonding?
In all TFT LCDs, there is an air gap between the TFT panel and the cover glass. In high brightness displays, the air gap will cause repeated refraction of the monitor, and fog will also form in an environment with large temperature differences.
Optical bonding is a layer of resin is applied between the glass or touchscreen and the TFT LCD to bond, them together to form a strong laminate without gaps.

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Which industries are most suitable for optical bonding?
Optical bonding is very popular in the military, marine, and medical industries. Due to the harsh environment, higher performance displays are required. When applied to equipment running outdoors or in strong sunlight environments, the optical bonding process is particularly suitable and more effective.

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What are the benefits of optical bonding?
The normal display is produced by the light of the LCD reflecting through the gap and then to the outer glass of the screen. This reflection through the layer will weaken the strength and clarity of the final image, thereby reducing brightness and readability.
Through optical bonding technology, we can be reduced internal reflections to provide better contrast, and interference and light reflection can be eliminated. More light gets through to the surface of the screen and therefore the image is brighter.

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